Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New Love

This guy has been around here the whole time.  We see him from time to time, but lately he has been around a lot.  Really, ever since Kieren has started talking and turned into a playmate rather than a baby, he is all over our house.

He has gone from being another kid to my new love

His name is Keagan, and his brother Kyle Woodard is a boy we have spent a great deal of time with in the past year and a half.  Keagan is only 4, but now he is starting to come around and play more and more.  Actually they both are around ALL the time, in our house everyday.  It's wonderful.  Their mother is addicted to crystal meth which they call 'tick' here and delivers alcohol to people around Ocean View.  She lives with them but the boys are basically raised by their grandmother.

Keagan has this hilarious laugh and he knows it so he laughs all the time.  We make funny faces at each other and play and he and Kieren chase each other around.  I have really fallen more in love with him and just pray that he will keep spending time in our home so we can love on him and help to form and mold who He is in Jesus.

And Kyle and Keagan brought Kieren a present.  Among all the Dora gifts, new clothes, bubbles, and shiny toys, I found a wrapped gift, marked from the boys with 'God loves you' to Kieren.  It was a small stuffed animal and it looks used.  Kyle told me that his mom wrote the card and he told her what to write, especially the God part.  It's the most cherished gift Kieren received.

Lots of love,

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