Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holy Hot

Holy Hot Africa Day

Seriously.  I know you can't understand this because most of you reading this are still digging yourselves out from sweet Christmas snows, but here in South Africa is is crazy hot.  It's not really humid.  Just hot.  The air is hot.  Are we on the sun?  Yesterday at one point of deep misery (aided by my most recent sinus infection and migraine... they are my new stalkers) I was sure it was the apocalypse and Christ was coming back.  So I had a margarita.  Is that normal?  Today it was just as hot but the antibiotics finally began to kick in so I could go back to being a 'normal' (haha) person.  We have to work early in the mornings or late at night otherwise our brains are melting and our fingers sticking to the keyboards.  Casey and I are learning though, and went to McDonalds, seriously the only air conditioned place nearby, to work this afternoon and made Granny stay at our house while Kieren slept.  I felt a little bad, but then I took a sip of my ice cold Coke and washed away the guilt.

Did I mention it's hot?  Well this is also compounded by the fact that South Africans 'don't believe' in air conditioning.  When you ask them about it they say that they don't need it and it's a waste and then turn it into some argument against the wastefulness of America.  But really people.

It's like the days in Mexico, Grace friends...

Those hot summer days where you are covered in sweat when you wake up.  Then you eat breakfast, wiping the sweat from your brow.  Then you build a house, but expecting to sweat, so it's fine until you faint a few times.  Then you return to the colonia to take a cold shower and cool down, which you definitely do, until you turn the water off.  And then you sweat again AS YOU ARE DRYING OFF.  Then you sweat through dinner, and sweat as you lay in bed with the fan next to you facing you.

My new best friend

Remember that?  It's like that.

Except for you don't have the songs, or spagetti night, or Woo, or Spanish speakers, or late night taco runs.... ahhh now I'm sad.

You do have ninos, but they are just kids who speak english and affrikaans.  You have music blaring everywhere and the faint smell of marijuana in the air.  You do have popsicles and Coca-Cola.  You do have sunburns and smells.  And did I mention sweat?  I did?  Good.  Because you sweat.

But still, it's a beautiful life and we love it.  Kieren is LOVING the ocean now and just laughs uncontrollably as the waves hit her.  She is obsessed with her 'Dora' sunglasses and even wore them to the gym day-care today.

Now back to sweating.  Talk to you later.


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