Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello everyone!

Today's update will be a little fuzzy as I think we are passing a stomach bug around the Prince home, but until late last night we had a GREAT weekend again!  The weekend started a bit on Thursday because it was a national holiday in South Africa.  We worked in the morning, but then had a big braai with our friends in our Hillsong Connect Group at the beach.  It's a fun group of missionaries, South Africans, and lots of kids - and now the kids are really becoming friends - too cute!

Friday was Casey's birthday and so HIS wish was to get out of town with his girls for the entire day - how sweet is that?!?  The day started with a little hiccup because our car was broken into AGAIN, and the back left window was smashed but nothing taken.  We worked out some details, and borrowed our friend Michael' Jenkins' red sports car for the day - which turned out to be such a fun blessing!  We just started to drive along the west coast of South Africa for the day and stopped along the way.  It is a beautiful country and we feel so privileged to be here.  We ended the evening in a town called Langenbaan and had dinner at a seafood restaurant overlooking the beach as the sun set.

Kieren had her first calamari and we all had a blast together.  We finished with a walk on the beach and drove our (beautiful and fast and fun) car home late at night.  I tell you what, we were a different family by the end of that day.  It is so special to have time away and get refreshed!

Saturday we woke up and had a slow down around the house, Casey went for a (CRAZY mountain) run with some guy friends and Kieren and I went to the gym.  Then in the afternoon we took Kieren, picked up some friends, and met a group of friends and families at Kirstenbosch, a botanical garden with an outdoor concert theater, for a night of Christmas Carols with candlelight.  We had a great picnic, the kids ran around and played (Kieren ate for 3 straight hours), and then sung along to our favorite Christmas songs.  Such a special way to celebrate.

Sunday morning we had church at Ocean View Methodist which is always a blast.  Kieren is revealing her new obsession, which is her 'boyfriend' Dante, a 2 year old boy at our church.  She has a thing....  We rested during the morning, and then I took my women to lunch (post below) and Casey hung with Kiers.  Then we went to Hillsong Church in the evening for their annual 'Christmas Spectacular.'  This is a fun, family event with a music, acting, video, and dancing.  It was fun and sweet and Kieren's highlight was CERTAINLY when Dora the Explorer showed up to help the main character of the play.  She had a blast and we continue to be so thankful for our great church.  We finished the night with a Mexican food dinner with our new American missionary friends Andy and Leigh Myers, and their daughter Norah (see their blog at  They are helping us out at Ocean View Methodist - Andy plays in the band and Leigh is going to help lead with the women's ministry this coming year.  Fun to get more people involved in our beloved View!

Monday now, and for 'some reason' my body is exhausted and rebelling against me :)  Looking forward to getting the last details ready for Christmas this coming weekend and resting a bit as ministry is slowing down for a bit.  Guess I found some energy to say 'a few' words... now...

Lots of love,

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do they sing the same Christmas songs there that we do here?