Thursday, December 30, 2010

Setting Goals

For the first time in my life I set goals for 2010.  It was a very healthy and helpful process.  I posted them in our office here at home and gave a copy to Sarah and Jenks to hold me accountable.  Here is a bit of a review of them and how things worked out:

2010 Goals
What God wants to do in my Spiritual Walk, Family, Ministry, and Personally

·      Spiritual Walk- getting more in touch with the Power of the Spirit; increase and focus my time of prayer for specific parts of my life; begin a disciplined devotion plan on January 1 that will last all year; continue personal reading; developing my relationship with Michael Jenkins to include more praying and deep sharing.
·      Family- Pursue Sarah’s heart and affection with time together, romance, gifts, and affirming words; support and encourage Sarah’s ministry and goals for the future; engage Kieren in her 2nd year by reading, playing, and praying; doing my part in our family support raising.
·      Ministry- continue building relationships with 4-8 schools and churches (by July); cast vision of Ubuntu Sports Outreach with as many people as I can; establish Ubuntu S.O. as a non-profit organization (NPO) in South Africa; raise 4x more money in 2010 than in 2009 (about $44,000); continue developing friendships and partnerships with like-minded organizations; strategically use the World Cup to build momentum for Ubuntu; continue to dream of creative revenue streams; support volunteers that work for Ubuntu
·      Personal- drop my weight down to and stay below 200 lbs. by working out hard and eating smart; continue pursuing my soccer training with hopes of advancing to the Vodacom by summer; try to communicate well with friends at home.  

So, how did things go?  Let's break down each area
  • Spiritual Walk- definitely explored and was aware of the Holy Spirit more.  Did focus my prayer a bit more but didn't increase enough.  I DID do a devotion EVERY day this year.  It was a great process.  I've read some great books this year (but I should be reading more).  And my relationship with Jenks has certainly grown to include deep sharing & praying .
  • Family- Most of the year my relationship with Sarah was as healthy as ever.  I'm proud of the way I've supported her ministry and I know she feels loved by me.  Kieren and I have shared some special moments this year and I've sort of inherited putting to bed duties, so we get to read and hang out during that time.  Finally, I was helpful in support raising.
  • Ministry- This is a mix of success & failure.  We built relationships with 7 schools & churches, but need to do a MUCH BETTER job of getting this ministry happening the way we want to.  I've been sharing about Ubuntu with as many people as possible, but want to continue to be authentic in it.  I've done a bit of work on our NPO status, but have a TON more to do.  Definitely didn't raise that level of funds, unfortunately.  We have great relationships with other ministries and churches.  We used the World Cup decently, we've continued to dream up revenue streams, and I supported the volunteers we had here working.
  • Personal- This may have been the area of the most success.  Not counting my time in America I was able to keep my weight below 200 pounds once I got it there.  Right now I'm weighing in between 195-197 pounds.  I haven't been this fit since college.  I decided in May to discontinue the attempt to play pro soccer again.  It just didn't make sense for our family or ministry.  And, I guess my friends would have to tell you if I did a good job keeping in touch.  I think I did pretty well.
I just gave you an honest look into my successes and failures of the year.  It's humbling & exciting to see which things I was able to have success with.  I'm going to start a new process to writing my goals for 2011.  On Ron Edmondson's blog he is doing a series helping you write a life plan for the year.  I'm going to use this process to come up with 2011's plans & goals.  I really believe that 2011 will be an exciting year full of stretching and pushing by God.  Big things are on the horizon for my spiritual life, our family, and Ubuntu Sports Outreach.


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