Friday, December 24, 2010

Seriously, she's amazing!

I know that 99% of the people reading this blog already know this, but my wife is seriously amazing!  Most of you actually read this because of how amazing she is.  But let me just tell you a story of why.
If you look down the blog just a post or two you'll see a video we posted about a Christmas package we received.  We are so excited to have gotten it.  One of the items in the box were two bags of sugar cookie mix, along with frosting and Christmas sprinkles to decorate them.  How awesome is that?!?  Especially here because they don't do warm, soft cookies.  The kids get excited whenever we have them.

I'm mostly thinking that I'm going to get to eat ALL these cookies.  But the first chance she got Sarah started making the cookies so that she can give them away to our friends and the kids around here.  She's already made a bag for Antoine & Mathy (our Congolese friends you've read about here) and Evan & Kerryn Torrance (whose parents attend Grace).  What's wrong with her?!?  Why is she sharing MY cookies with everybody else?  These are special American cookies sent for us to enjoy as we struggle through Christmas without friends & family.  But Sarah doesn't work like that.  She's too giving, selfless, and excited to share to keep them for herself.
So, for anybody that needed a reminder of how amazing Sarah is, there it is!  I seriously love that woman!


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