Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ministry Moving Ahead

Even though it's a week of 'break' for us, we still have some ministry stuff going on here and there.  One thing that needs to be sorted because of the quickly arriving new year is our worship leadership for Ocean View Methodist Church.  A couple of our leaders decided all of a sudden to step down from positions leading in our worship band, and at the same time we have had some new friends step into ministry at our church.  Andy and Leigh Myers are American missionaries who live here with their one year-old daughter, Norah.  Andy was a worship leader in the States and they both have a passion for youth.  We met them through Hillsong and a great partnership has formed already.  Today Andy and I met with Kyle Woodrow, my senior pastor at Ocean View to talk about Andy's history, our church's history, and our vision ahead.  There are so many details to work out and people that need to 'buy in,' but it's very exciting that so many new things could happen ahead in 2011 for our church.  Andy's heart is really to bring up and train leadership to lead the worship and that is exactly what we need.  I pray that our band would be excited about this new venture and that the church would embrace these new steps!

Norah and Kieren hanging out on the steps of Ocean View Methodist Church

Lots in store for this coming year!!

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Leigh said...

we are all so very excited about getting to work with you guys in OV. This partnership is an answer to prayer. And I love the girls together :).