Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Living the Dream

Well it looks like something new is AGAIN happening in the Prince world in 2011.  There has been a dream in my heart for a LONG time and it looks like God is now opening the doors for it to become a reality here in South Africa!  During my days in university, I studied Biblical Studies and it was a very difficult program.  My professors were top-notch, but during my development, studying the Bible at such deep levels brought up many profound questions about my faith and understanding of God.  These teachers were always there for me with an empty chair in their offices to talk through my thoughts.  I even knew their families and grew very close with them.  Since that time I have dreamed and felt called to someday work on my PhD and teach in a university or college environment.  I have had many incredible experiences and been involved in awesome ministry over the past years, but have been intimidated still by the dream of teaching, as it is a very competitive field in the US and something that I so highly esteem.  Over the past year, the dream has been awakened again and I can't ignore it any longer.  I have been learning about various PhD programs here in South Africa and in the US, and it my attempt to learn about the University of Cape Town from a personal perspective, I met with a friend of a friend who is a PhD student there and lecturer at a local Christian College.  In our conversation, this lecturer, who is also the head of Christian Studies at Cornerstone Christian College here in Cape Town, learned of my past studies and teaching dream and asked if I would ever be interested in teaching at his school.  Thinking he was maybe just being polite, I agreed, and weeks later received an official invitation to teach an upcoming class at the school!  I said no almost immediately thinking that I couldn't possibly be ready or competent for such a position, but was pushed by Casey and friends to prayer and feel led to accept the position.  So in January 2011 I will begin as a lecturer at Cornerstone Christian College, teaching a third-year course in the Johannine Writings (Gospel of John, 1-3 John, and Revelation).  Wow!  I am deeply humbled by the opportunity, and still keep pinching myself.  I have STACKS of books to read over the coming weeks, a syllabus to write, and lectures to write before the end of January, but I am EXCITED.  This is a dream, and even though a few years earlier than I expected, definitely the hand of God. Please pray for me in this coming endeavor!

Lots of love,

Website of Cornerstone Christian College (also called Cornerstone Institute): http://www.cornerstone.ac.za/


katieshobbie said...

so so so cool!!! can't wait to hear more about it!

Kerry said...


I know, I say that like such a white girl, but HOLLER!

you're going to be so awesome. remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. first class is always awkward and full of growing pains, but you learn SO MUCH! stuff you would have never imagined! yahoo!