Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Update!

Hello everyone!

Casey and I went tonight to a beach in Cape Town for a leader's celebration and gathering for Hillsong Church, and seeing so many friends and giving 'updates' on our family, I wanted to make sure all of you are filled in on what is happening in the Prince home.  Everyone is still healthy and it's just nice to be happy and enjoying the days.  It's getting warmer around here, summer has definitely arrived, and we are continuing to make time outside, at the beach, and taking walks.  This city is just beautiful!  It is again strange to be celebrating and preparing for Christmas in summer-weather and climate, but since this is our second Christmas now, I feel a bit more used to it.  I feel like it just means you have to be more intentional about focusing on Christmas and creating 'moments' of celebration.  The holiday season isn't as commercialized here, which means you don't hear and see Christmas things so much, but it allows you the space to focus on what is really important.  On Tuesday night I went with a big group of Ocean View church people to a Christmas Carol night at one of our leader's workplace.  It seemed random, and really was, but it was very lovely to gather with a group of people of different religions and celebrate Christmas, even worshipping and thanking Jesus Christ.  I love my church so much and am thankful that this year they are my 'family' even more.

Ntokozo has had a couple weeks of ups and downs emotionally and I think a lot more is going on in her heart then she can even express.  Last week she was really heartbroken upon learning that her son, Jacob, who is currently living at an orphanage, will not be able to be fostered by a nearby family anytime soon.  She really has a profound and deep love for her son, even though they have spent little time together in his short life, and it's very beautiful.  But this week she was able to go to the orphanage and visit him and then today found out she passed the 9th grade, which is HUGE and one more step towards graduation, HUGELY HUGE!!  I am so proud of her and she was beaming all day; really all week.  She is an emotional girl, but very shy, and struggles to articulate her feelings, so she just shuts down when hurting.  It's an emotional rollercoaster around her sometimes, oh and now I'm talking about me because I feel so strongly for this girl now!  When she breaks, I break too!  With all the court stuff that has been happening I want to go and punch someone's lights out because they are being mean!  It's crazy what this experience is taking ME through, so who knows what she even thinks of this crazy home!  All I know is that I love her very much and really believe in her and feel privileged that God brought her into our lives.  I do notice that I get less accomplished than I did a month ago, but we have found a new balance and we all enjoy it.  Even Kieren is finally bonding with Ntokozo (she is getting OVER being jealous of her...) and they are sweet together. We hear her calling for her 'sissy' throughout the house.

We have a great life.  Full with Christmas, but so, so wonderful.  Love my life.  LML.

Lots of love to you too,

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