Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back To the Hospital But For Good Stuff!

Yesterday we went as a family to the Red Cross Burn Hospital with Kieren, but this time it was our choice and for something great!  We heard recently on the radio that the hospital was doing fundraising for the burn ward and that it was being renovated (MUUUCH needed!) and so I contacted the Hospital Trust that does the fundraising to share Kieren's story.  They loved hearing about it so much that they set up an interview for us with the Cape Argus newspaper (the main paper for Cape Town!)!!  We met with a reporter and photographer along with a woman from the trust yesterday at the hospital in the temporary burn ward.  We shared our story and sweet Kieren (who they have already named 'Princess Kieren') and it was so wonderful.  Kieren wasn't scared at all, and we got to share how our community's love and faith in God got us through such a dark experience.  We got to support the hospital and encourage fundraising as they grow, so they can reach more children and families.  I feel like for me, it was a way to re-claim something very dark and put it in the light - the Light of Christ!  It was exhausting emotionally for me but so rewarding, and the article should be in the paper today - we will share when it is!

Below are some of the pics taken by the Hospital Trust

Lots of love,

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