Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello friends and family!

Recovering from another great weekend in the Prince world!  I think there is a new level of crazy around here, and I can't even blame it on Ntokozo, we are just crazy!  Casey spent much of this weekend at Hillsong Cape Town for their annual Men's Conference and had a great time.  I am loving how we continue to meet and get connected to more of the incredible people at Hillsong, and our family there just grows and grows.  We are so grateful for that 'house' and how it builds us up in the life God has chosen for us.  I did some RESTING on Saturday and took TWO naps which was lovely.  Saturday night we had an American missionary family who are new to Cape Town for dinner - complete with their FOUR kids.  It was utter chaos, but they are an incredible family, the Lankfords, and you can check out their awesome blog at  They are truly an amazing bunch and I can't wait to see what God uses them for over here!  It's going to be epic and entertaining!  Sunday morning, I preached at Ocean View Methodist, and told the congregation at the beginning of my message that I felt like that sermon was a conversation I had been having with them for a week and I couldn't wait to get it out.  It was a pretty heavy semon, especially because I told them that the way the church in the View treats the teenagers is the 'new apartheid.'  They didn't love that, but there was much response verbally and emotionally as I shared.  I know it 'hit' them and they are very excited that Casey and I are going to work with the youth at our church in the coming year.  Much is ahead.  We rested a bit during the day Sunday because Casey ran in a half-marathon while I was preaching (busy guy, hey??) and was pretty worn from the windy race.  Sunday night we went to Hillsong and then out to dinner afterwards.  The guest speaker at Hillsong spoke about the work of the Holy Spirit and Ntokozo was very touched and moved by God, which was incredible to be a part of.

And here we are again for another Monday morning!  These weekly updates seem to happen more quickly these days as time is passing rapidly.  I am noticing Christmas decorations around the 'shops' these days, which feels strange because the weather is gorgeous and blue and sunny and warm.  We are beginning to make our Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, and can't help but feel a bit home-sick knowing how far we are from so many we love.  However, there are new traditions to be made, and our family here continues to grow deeper and wider.  We are thankful and life is rich.

Happy Monday!

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