Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is the Day

Today I was running around doing many random things, but my schedule opened up so I could go and attend the HIV support group that I have helped to lead ever since we were in Cape Town in 2008.  It was a beautiful day today in Cape Town and there was just some joy in the air, even when I walked into the door of my friend Bernadette's house.  Many members of the group were there today, and even a couple who haven't been in months.  We shared food, talked, and closed our time together in prayer.  It was simple and fun.  As I was sitting there watching my friends laughing, talking, and teasing one another I was hit with how profound this group is for those who attend.  In this group, in their own space, they all belong, have confidence, and show their true selves.  Most likely for most of the them, they spend many of the other hours of their week hiding in shame and loneliness, but not when they are with one another.  They are truly a family and with one another they belong and are special.  What a gift that I get to be there and love on them.  Tomorrow the entire globe will come together to celebrate World Aids Day and to spread knowledge and awareness.  Here in Ocean View my friends will gather at the free clinic to encourage others to get tested.  My friend Alleta will share publicly about her status and empower others to know their own status.  It is remarkable and courageous, and these are people truly living with AIDS, not dying of the disease.

Images from etnies.com and learn.swancoll.ac.uk

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