Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Steps

I have shared this month about our prayer requests for our parenting workshops at Ocean View Methodist and tonight was our third time to meet, but tonight we had a special guest speaker.  His name is Peter Lovick and he works for a part of the Living Hope ministry called 'Living Grace' (see their website here).  He came to speak to us about the huge topic of substance abuse and what the church can be doing about it.  It was a GREAT message, something that he shares with churches and groups all over Cape Town, and he works right here near us and is a total resource for our community.  Wow, I don't even know how to describe all the knowledge he just gave us, but it was a mix of a call from God to reach out the broken and addicted in our community and just an understanding of addiction and how it affects people.  It was a beautiful call to our church and we were SO ready to receive it.  He is launching a program that was started in the United States called 'Celebrate Recovery' (see the SA site here) and will partner with churches like ours to help communities while he runs a full recovery center.  Wow, it so exciting because our church and community is really ready for this, to be a place of openness and grace and truly see people come to full healing.  I am buzzing with excitement (which is WEIRD huh because it's all about addiction and brokenness!!??) but I really believe God is moving us to a place where we are going to be used in new ways in Ocean View.  Exciting stuff!  Please be praying for us!!


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