Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Letters

Dear "movies,"

Just writing to tell you that you are on my mind lately.  I miss you.  Remember when I use to rent movies weekly and I was up to date on the latest and greatest?  Remember when I even went to the theater to see you?  Oh sharing hot, buttered popcorn together.  Special memories.  Right now they are only memories as I find I never have the chance to see you anymore.  The television is a part of our lives still, but I find I can barely stay awake at night for one episode of anything, so I don't even want to try a movie.  I can't be a movie tease.

But I want to share what is happening in your absence.  So much.  Mostly it's in the afternoons when we spend time together as a family and children gather in our home and yard.  Yesterday was a really special day because our favorite kids happened to be over and there was just a happiness in all of us.  We were laughing and running and playing, and Kieren thought it all was a blast.  Our newest family member, Ntokozo, is still taking in all that our lives encompass, but she had a sweet moment as my 'girls' sat in her room (the office) and talked to her quietly about the new clothes we had bought her, and what it was like to live with us.  They are really embracing her already and she smiles a lot when they are around.  When they leave the house Ntokozo hugs them all.  Also, when Megan came in to our house yesterday she said she missed me and gave me a strong and long hug.  I can still feel it.  I am so thankful.  I love our lives and the laughter and joy that fills our days.  It is busy and exhausting, which is why I long to sleep like 12 hours a night and thus don't have time for you, but I suppose we will be reunited one day again, long in my future, when the house is quiet again and my days are easy.  I won't be as tired, and I will enjoy our time together, but I will remember special days like yesterday and be so thankful.  So thankful.


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Anonymous said...

i love you and i love this post. i wish i could be a bird on a wire above your yard.