Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We missed celebrating an important anniversary with you all last week - last week it was one year of having 'Granny' as a part of our lives and hearts!  She reminded us many times as the date came upon us, and we hugged and reminisced on the day.  It's honestly hard to believe that Granny Jacoba has only been a part of our lives for ONLY a year - it seems like we have always known her.  She is truly our family now, and she OFTEN tells us about how Kieren is HER baby.  She says that no matter how many kids we have or are in and out of this house, that Kieren will always be HER baby.  We all like that just fine :)  Granny is such a special person, and I love being able to share all the special and difficult moments of our lives with her.  She is always praying for us, caring for us, laughing with (or at) us, and just a important part of every day.  On Mondays we spend a good time 'debriefing' the weekend and frequently catch up on what is happening in our hearts and relationships.  She is loyal, loving, strong, and Godly.  There is no doubt that God brought her into our lives and WHO KNOWS where we would be without her!  We celebrate Granny and our time with her!!


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