Friday, October 22, 2010

Touring Cape Town

What do you do when visitors come to see Cape Town and all that it has to offer?  Well take them to WINE country, of course!  We have some beautiful scenery here all around us and evidently the perfect soil to grow wine, and so we hope to take our new missionary friends, Brent and Erin Raska to tour some wineries today.  Poor Erin is still under the weather and so enjoying some great rest still this morning, but we hope to take them around soon.  I'm sure we'll also take them on one of our legend hikes, and then plan to drag them around for our church-marathon Sunday with morning at Ocean View Methodist and evening at Hillsong Church.  They are wonderful people who have done incredible mission work in Zambia this past year and so it's awesome to be able to host and treat them!  Prayers that Erin can feel good enough to enjoy it all!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Anna said...

Yay-- I know those guys!! Where were they working in Zambia?

Casey and Sarah said...

Anna!! They are - Erin and Brent Raska - the crazy Raskals :) They just finished in Zambia and are traveling around. So glad to know them (met through a mutual Raleigh friend). Can't wait to show you around here too :)