Monday, October 11, 2010

Things I realized this weekend

I realized a few things this weekend.  A few of them were while we were on the retreat.  A few happened elsewhere.  I realized that...

  • It's really nice to be at a Youth Retreat and not be in charge.  
  • It's really fun to stir up trouble on youth trips, like Woo always did.
  • It's possible to make teenagers go to bed around 10pm as witnessed on Saturday.
  • I still really enjoy being around a bunch of kids for the weekend.  
  • I think that everything my little girl does is totally hilarious or completely adorable.  I can't help myself.
  • Hillsong is a very easy church to bring people to.  I'm thankful for that and want more churches to be that way.
  • I can still get really hyper because of a great worship service.
  • Ubuntu Sports Outreach is on the move, about to explode, and step into an exciting season!

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