Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Much To Learn

Gosh, when I get in an environment where I begin to learn I always come back to one central theme, I have SO much more to learn.  I have been thinking this week as I am reading and learning and listening to SO many incredible and insightful people that there are MANY people in this world with awesome gifts and wisdom!  I love being a student and am just enjoying soaking it all up.

This morning I went to the Bible Institute near where we live and watch some of the sessions that had been taped from Monday's sessions at the Lausanne Congress.  We learned some fascinating information about this venture that aims to take gather the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world.  There are delegates there from all around the world, except the 400 delegates from China who were not allowed to leave because of their government.  I learned that there are 1.5 million Christians in China and the church there is flourishing even under severe persecution.  After a time of worship together with the students there we watched a 30 minute video historical look at the history of Christianity and the mission movement.  It was all things I had learned before in my Biblical Studies classes over the years but such a great perspective on it and great to hear it again because there are a million details!  Our history is complicated and complex!

Then we watched an exposition on the chapter of Ephesians 1 and it was some great teaching.  I was reminded of the richness of this text written by the apostle Paul and he is urging God's people to labor in introducing the riches of Christ to people all over the world.  The Bible encourages us to never lose the wonder, treasure, and victory found in the Gospel of Christ.

If you want to follow the conversations and work of Lausanne, check it out here.

Today has also been a day of friendships, both new and old.  I was able to talk with my sweet friend Laurel, hang with my Ocean View 'girls' Megan and Jadine, talked for a while with a new Hillsong friend who goes to the Bible Institute Marilize, and we are hosting new friends Erin and Brent who are friends of a friend and missionaries from Zambia.  These new friends will be staying with us from tonight through Tuesday morning and we are excited for them to see our incredible community and the beauty of Cape Town!  Prayers for Erin who is sick with an awful cold at the beginning of long-awaited time in Cape Town!

Tomorrow we will attend the lecture with Tim Keller all day and we are SO excited to share that time with some of our friends, as well.  I am most looking forward to hearing Tim speak about the urban church and the mission field there as it really applies to our work in Cape Town.

Lots of love,

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