Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Antoine and Mathy

This week I was able to have some time with Antoine and Mathy and their kids Onesie and Christ.  I went to visit them on Sunday night and catch up with what has been happening in the past week of their lives.  Antoine is back at work and they are really working at moving forward with their family.  I was overjoyed to meet them at their house and see their faces filled with smiles.  They had spent the day with another close family from their church and I could see and feel that something has lifted from their pained spirits.  We talked and shared about things that have been developing since Lauren's death, which is such a strong thing and shows how they are growing past the tragedy of the death.  Antoine is facing challenges with his co-workers as they believe in African witchcraft and that another person has caused their daughters death, and Mathy has also been speaking with people in her ministry that believe differently than their Christian beliefs.  I think it is evidence that God is continuing to create environments where they can share their authentic faith with others and I see their hearts and the longing to express their love for their God.  As we talked I told them to not feel pressured to begin to minister to these people, but when they are ready, obviously God is already bringing people into their path to share with!  How incredible that God is already using Lauren's death and the attention that the family is getting for His glory.  They feel thankful for all the love that has been expressed to them and the many ways that people have surrounded them during this time.  In their opinion, the 'white people' love in a very different way during tragedy and they have been very humbled.  All this is deeply humbling to me and I am so thankful that God has used our family and others to carry them.  God is amazing and they are already looking forward again to their plans and dreams to move back to the Congo and start an HIV ministry there.  These people are truly saints and I can't wait to see what God does through and in them next!

Thanks for your prayers for this dear family and please keep them coming!

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