Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello everyone!

It was a fun weekend once again for the Prince family! Friday night we had our farewell dinner with Roxie Cash and our boys at the 'Toad,' one of our local favorite places to hang. It was such a fun time with her last week! Saturday we all did a bit of relaxing, Casey went to play soccer with the Fish Hoek team, and Granny took Kieren to a birthday party. I just got the update this morning from her, and it seems Kieren had a FANTASTIC time, dancing, playing, and running around with all the kids! I loooove it! She says pictures will come soon, can't wait! As an aside, I took Kieren to a birthday party a month after her accident here in Ocean View and she was timid and scared the whole time and I hated it for her, so it was such a JOY to hear she had a great time this go-around. Kieren is healing in all ways! Saturday night we hung at home to rest a bit. Sunday morning began early with church at Ocean View Methodist and our little friend 'KaKa' finally came back around! He is one of the boys we hung out with a lot before we went to the States, but after some of the other boys got in a bit of 'trouble' while we were gone, Kaka has also stayed away. So since he was at church I decided it was a good day to take a crew to the morning service at Hillsong. We packed the car full with a Treswell, Stacy, Cindy, the Princes, and Kaka in the VERY back (trunk) of the car. Don't worry, the trunk is open to the rest of the car, so he can breathe, etc. :) We had a great time at Hillsong together as it was a family day there. Then our friends drove our car home and we stayed downtown Cape Town to meet Jenks for late lunch and to watch the Manchester United soccer game. Afterwards we headed BACK to Hillsong for the night service (I know, we are SO spiritual) to hear the co-pastor Lucinda Dooley speak - and she was amazing as always. Then we finally drove home with our VERY sleepy Kieren and had friends over for a late pizza dinner. Whew! I'm tired just writing it again! This week should be a busy one as Casey is preparing for the ONE VALLEY festival on Saturday, and I will hold a funeral at Ocean View (a family I don't know) on Thursday and preach on Sunday. Hoping for a slow day today!

Lots of love,

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