Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello friends and family!

What a great weekend we have had! It was the perfect mix of rest, family time, date time, friends, and ministry. Friday night Casey and I had a date night and saw the movie 'Inception.' So deep and interesting and thought provoking - see it! Saturday morning we awoke to a beautiful spring morning and so we took a hike with Kieren (in backpack) in the town of Kommetje near our house. It was a beautiful sight of the beach and waves from the top and wonderful to be together. In the afternoon we met up with some different groups of friends, one couple our friends Nathan and Mandy Ponti who live in Ocean View but spent the American summer in the US working at a Christian camp. They came for lunch to fill us in on their experiences, and it was a growing and encouraging time. In the afternoon Casey had a soccer game in Fish Hoek (Kieren and I got to cheer him on) and then dinner together as a family at home Saturday night. Sunday morning we had church at Ocean View which is growing more and more into such a home and welcoming community to us. Then we rested in the afternoon, then Casey went to lunch at Nathan Ponti's family's home, and I went to visit Antoine and Mathy and bring groceries with Kieren. Again it was a place of grief and questions for this sweet family, but you can sense God working and sewing Himself into their story. So many people have been visiting and helping and their church, a multi-generational and racial church who have completely taken over the costs and details for the funeral on Tuesday. I wept with them again, but somehow I leave again with a hope of what God will do in their story. I completely believe He is going to restore their lives and bless them double-fold. So many people are watching their lives, and love them dearly, and I can't wait to see the steps ahead. Still they need prayers in the present as they navigate these days. Sunday night we went to Hillsong Church for God to pour some love and encouragement into us - and He always does it there. There was a great speaker from the UK and she really challenged us to have a heart of service. It was beautiful and so encouraging, especially because we are feeling led to start a small group for Hillsong with our great friend Michael Jenkins. This was confirmation (especially as I prayed before the sermon for God to give me wisdom and guidance!). Then we had family dinner with our brother Michael and watched some soccer. It was such a wonderful weekend and I honestly just feel so blessed by my family and the people God has surrounded us with. We have such a diverse community here that teach us so much and love us in unique ways. We had our gym time this morning and now are excited for a great week!

Lots of love,

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