Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is my profile picture on facebook now, and it is getting many 'likes.' It is Kieren's favorite doll as of late, and it's from our friend Vivan who works for Nickelodeon. When we were in NYC this summer we visited a group of friends who work for MTV and Nickelodeon who served in South Africa this past year. Vivan took us to her office and was so excited to give Kieren a 'Blue's Clues' stuffed dog. Kieren was a bit 'crabby' at the moment, but was under-enthused about the dog. She waddled around the office and spotted this 'Little Bill' doll on a chair. She promptly grabbed and hugged the doll and they have been buds ever since. I call the doll 'brown baby' and am SO proud that Kieren chose her brown friend. It looks like her friends here in the View! I have now decided that Kieren will only have brown babies in this house if I can help it!

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