Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello friends and family!

Our busy week continues and there are so many things we have to do! It feels exciting that there is so much going on and we are finding ourselves enjoying getting ready for all that is ahead. Tomorrow I will hold a funeral at our church for a man I have never met, and yet the story of him and his family has touched me deeply. I will share my 'reflections' from the funeral tomorrow. Also on my mind is my sermon for Sunday where we will be celebrating 'Women's Day' which is a national day here in South Africa that actually happened while I was in the US, but will be celebrated by our church women on Sunday. The women I love will be very active in the service and have been on my mind all week while writing this sermon. Also, I am in the works to create a Bible study for the women of Ocean View with both teaching and small groups, launched in January, but the thought and potential of it all has me excited and prayerful. Casey is running all around and busy for the festival happening Saturday and there are SO many teams signing up everyday! It's going to be a HUGE event! So I guess, in addition to the excitement of it all I just feel thankful to be involved in such great ministry. God continues to walk ahead of us and give us incredible opportunities to love and serve His people and it's so cool. We will keep you updated on the week and how things progress, but would really love your prayers for all of this!

Lots of love,

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