Monday, September 27, 2010

Festival Thoughts from one of the TEAMS!

Hello friends and family!

We apologize for the late update today - but I (Sarah) am sick with a sinus infection and Casey has been busy all day working on some Ubuntu stuff that's been falling behind!  We are going to do a big update from the weekend with stories and pictures from the festival - coming VERY soon!

In the meantime, we have some of our 'girls' here hanging at the house, and they had a team of their own, so I thought we would get some of their thoughts!

Some thoughts from the 'Seven Stars' Under 11 team (made of ALL girls!!)

The team was Meagan, Roxanne, Annestacia, Courtney, and Chandre.

"It was good, and cool.  We played against boys and we thought we were going to get hurt but we didn't get hurt.  We played good and it was very, very nice.  Our team name comes from where we live because there are seven flats in our area.  We liked the t-shirts that Casey and them had on because of the colors.  During our last game I (Roxanne) was going to kick the ball and I kicked the girl and I had to sit down for two minutes.  But we still won the game.  It felt nice and exciting to win the game.  We think all the other kids had a fun time too.  We thought we would lose against Seapoint, but we did beat them.  We like playing against boys better because they can't hurt us and we laugh them out.  We scored first!  The Two Oceans guys kicked the Africans (black kids, as these were coloured kids).  We didn't have a half-time with our first game and we felt bad about that.  The game started late because the other team was taking photos.  There wasn't a referee there and Antony came late, but he is a good referee.  And 5-Stars guys played on the trampoline at the creche (preschool) (the girls are telling on them because they weren't supposed to do that!).  Casey did a good job because he told us when we were supposed to play the games on the microphones, and scores, and halftimes, and when it was finished."

Wow!  Not sure if you can follow that all, but those are the thoughts (recited to me as they are 'plating' or braiding my hair :)  They now just asked if there is going to be another One Valley Festival again - so that is a good sign!  It was a wonderful day and we can't wait to share more soon!

Lots of love,
Sarah and my girls :)

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