Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Big Five

Five Reasons Why Kieren is a Genius

1. Kieren loves to build.  And not in a strange, non-interacting way, but in a fun, come and help me way.  She builds leggos and blocks and cups and anything else around.  Genius.

2. Kieren is showing her true artist heart and has started to sing.  She loves most to sing the 'Dora the Explorer' theme song, but really just makes up her own tunes all the time.  I mean, come on, even Mozart wasn't creating music this young.  Genius.

3. Kieren thinks all men are scary except her Daddy.  Genius.

4. Kieren is also developing her comedic skills which we might take on the road soon to start a college education fund.  She remembers things that she or others find funny and brings them back again and again.  She loves to throw her head back and laugh from the bottom of that beautiful belly.  Genius.

5. Kieren has started to say 'love you.'  Genius.