Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Strange

What a strange day. It was pretty normal feeling to go back to Raleigh for some reason, but coming back here has felt completely weird. I don't know why! Maybe part of it was that we got home after midnight and the 'flats' were having a PUMPING party until like 3am. I forgot my partying coloureds! They were having a good time, and it just made my mind run and wonder and think. What an incredible two months, but I can't deny that I enjoyed the food, comfort, pool-time, air-conditioning, quietness, and just beauty of America. It's a different beauty there, a mostly manufactured beauty, but I love it. It's safe and comfortable. I couldn't help but think last night in the middle of the night, hearing the View party around me, I AM SO WHITE and WHAT am I doing here?? It's such a big adjustment coming back, and I just pray that God will help us to feel normal again.

HERE is why we are back though. Last night we flew into Johannesburg and then flew to Cape Town from there (two hour flight). In Jo-burg we called Granny Jacoba and asked if she would come to our house and spend the night and then get up with Kieren in the morning. Kieren did not love the idea of going to bed, but slept until about 7:30. We had no idea though because with her first peeps, Granny went into her room and scooped her up. Then, so we wouldn't be woken up, she took Kieren to HER house for the day, and we just picked her up after 2pm. Kieren took a FOUR hour nap in Granny's bed and loved the day. She was a bit quiet, but comfortable with her granny; where as last night she seemed pretty overwhelmed by being back in what seemed a strange place in the middle of the night. I LOVE GRANNY! She could barely even accept our thankfulness, just reminding us that she will do ANYTHING we need of her. We are so blessed. THAT is why we are here - God has brought people around us to love and support and walk this CRAZY life we have been called to. We are BLESSED.

Lots of love!

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