Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday Update!

The Prince's are back in South Africa and now back into the blog world! One of my week's goals is to put up some pictures, so look for those to come. We have had a great weekend here, although not enough rest! Kieren is OFF her normal schedule and wanting to be up at night until RALEIGH times at not. Will someone please tell her that we are in AFRICA NOW!?!? I was just informed by Casey that last night she was up until 1:30am. Boo. I was super-blessed by my hubby and went to bed around 10pm so I hope that today I will finally feel a bit normal... It was a busy weekend as we got to reunite with lots of friends coming by. On Saturday we started the day late thanks to our wonderful Granny Jacoba who spent the night and took Kieren to her house when Kiers awoke. Casey and I went and got lunch and groceries at the mall, and then returned home to hang in the afternoon. Saturday night we took Kieren to play at Bernadette Terry's house with her kids while we went on a DATE. Nice! Sunday we went early to Ocean View Methodist (while Kieren slept through the ENTIRE service). Finally, the James family woke her up about 10am to greet her. She wasn't as excited about their laughter and smiles as I was... We rested during the day on Saturday with many visitors stopping by and a quick afternoon nap. Then we went by the Torrance's house on our way to Hillsong Church. We picked up our friends Antony Burton and Ben Cash, who are college students from Grace Youth studying this semester at University of Cape Town. We LOVED being back at Hillsong and seeing our peeps there, and went to a new restaurant for dinner afterwards downtown. Whew! It sounds busy, but it WAS very relaxing and fun. Now it's Monday morning and we are starting slowly as we get Kieren ready for her time with Granny this morning. Glad to get the routine going today - hope Kieren follows along!

Lots of love,

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