Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Night!

Our first Monday felt great to be back but it was HAARRRDD to get back into the routine. Everything took us like twice the time! Kieren is still not on her sleep schedule, but she did go to bed at 11:30pm last night, so we are in night now, not morning! Baby steps! Even with a slow day though it was nice to get back to our routine. Kids and friends came by the house all day and in the evening we brought dinner to some friends in Noordhoek (two sisters) who both had baby girls while we were gone! So sweet! Then Monday night I hosted our weekly women's support meeting and to my surprise we had a 'welcome home' party in my honor! Everyone brought drinks, sweets, and snacks to share! It was great to be reunited and as most of the other women have shared their life stories, we found it was my turn to share mine. What an honor to share my story with these friends who have opened their lives and hearts already to me. I loved sharing my life journey with all its joys and pains and didn't feel at all embarrassed that they did not compare to their tragic tales. Each of us have our own stories to share, and we should always be proud for how far we have come and all that we have learned along the way. I love that my story has brought me here, to a group of women who are survivors and inspire me all the time, and that they would allow me to be a part of their family. These women continue to be courageous in the face of pain and trials, and even our beloved Granny Jacoba could not join us Monday because her 18-year-old granddaughter has just found out she is pregnant. It is a huge challenge for their family and will change their stories forever, but they continue to walk forward with God trusting Him with each step.

I love being here and that my life is now intertwined with these incredible people! We are blessed!

Lots of love,

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