Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello all,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my visit with Angelique yesterday. I went with my friends and co-leaders Bernadette and Naomi. Angelique was sleeping again when we arrived, but woke up after we were around her talking for a bit. It seems that she has a bit of blindness, but can maybe see shapes. She is VERY disoriented, restless, and in obvious pain. I think she understood who we were while we were there talking to her, but she continued to call out for her 'ma' who wasn't there. We prayed for her and spoke a lot about Jesus, and she was crying out to Him. I am not sure where she stands in her relationship with Jesus Christ, but we are praying she would surrender to Him and also be surrounded by His peace. There is just confusion and pain in her eyes and it is difficult to see.

I haven't seen AIDS take a person to this horrible state and I'm not sure how much longer this friend will be alive. It is a disease that robs people of their lives, joy, and dignity. Please join me in praying for Angelique.

Lots of love,

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