Sunday, July 18, 2010

Such a pleasure

This weekend we had the special pleasure of being a part of the wedding of Lauren Wishon and Robbie Sackman. Lauren was part of the first group of kids that we intimately worked with at Grace Community Church. Sarah led her small group and we spent a lot of time with her and her friends. After high school Lauren worked as a summer intern and was a small group leader. So, she is VERY special to us and she was the first of that close group of kids to get married. It was so neat to be there, but also special because she asked Kieren to be the flower girl. That allowed us be a part of some special moments.
At the rehearsal dinner several of their friends gave prepared toasts and some others more spontaneous words. The one that was really special was what Sarah Vevurka, her maid of honor and another of those special Grace girls, said to them. It was so genuine, encouraging, and thoughtful. What I kept thinking was how special it was to be a small part of cultivating a great friendship. Sarah V. and Lauren would have been friends without me and Sarah, but I really believe that we helped them navigate some moments and experiences that led to them having such a special relationship. In that moment I was so thankful that God had allowed us to be a part of that.
It was also such a treat for each of us to share special words with them. Sarah, of course, said something super eloquent. I was reminded, though, of the conversations we had with Lauren over the years about boys. We didn't want her to settle for some ordinary bozo, but to trust that God was going to bring an amazing man into her life. I'm thankful that she listened, because God was faithful, Robbie is a great man.
Finally, I'm excited to see where God takes them. I had a vision of Lauren as a missionary on our graduating senior mission trip to Jamaica all those years ago. I still see it. With a heart like her's to love and care for people, I think it's unavoidable. Robbie will soon be a trained physician. She speaks Arabic. Hmmm, what is God up to?
In the end, I'm just SO thankful that God allowed us to be a part of the lives of these great kids, now great adults. They were so special to us as high school students, some allowed us to continue to speak into their lives as college students, and now we get to celebrate some pretty massive moments with them. SO COOL.
I'm really hoping we get to be home for more of these!

And, btw, Kieren was beautiful!!


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