Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Time

World Cup fever is here and we have caught the bug! We woke up the sound of vuvuzelas this morning (small plastic horns that South Africa is about to be FAMOUS for!) Even at the leadership vision night at Hillsong Church last night people brought their vuvuzelas and hooted during worship! Everyone is PUMPED and South Africa plays Mexico today to open up the celebration! It is consuming this place, and seriously all businesses will close down and everyone is ready to party. For us, it is a proud moment in the history in South Africa and we feel so fortunate to be here to share it with the people we love. Even here in Ocean View, in a coloured community that was oppressed by the South African government for most of their lives, you see so much pride, flag waving, and celebrations about who we ALL are as South Africans. It's a great time to be here!

Today we will go to the American Embassy for a viewing party hosted by the US Consulate for Americans in SA and then come back to the View for a viewing party at the Ocean View Baptist Church with our friends. A great day is ahead!

Lots of love,