Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Will Bring Praise

We continue to find ourselves in the 'desert' here in South Africa. Just to add to our confusion and frustration, on Saturday, Casey hurt his knee and thinks it might be a torn ACL, and last night our car was broken into. A window was broken, cd face stolen, and our American flag mirror covers stolen - low blow! Whew! What a ride we are on. I went on a run this morning after church and this song appropriately came on my ipod shuffle. We are in a desert, but we WILL continue to choose praise. This is Hillsong United singing 'Desert Song,' and she is reading Psalm 66.


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Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear all that! i just know that you are inspiring so many people by choosing how to react to your circumstances... thank you for choosing to honor God through everything. love you both!