Friday, June 25, 2010

No Bandages!

Just wanted to celebrate with everyone! This week, a couple days, I decided to take Kieren's bandages off for good and see how her small chest wounds would do. The risk was that it could keep opening up and bleeding, and then get infected. But every time we take her bandages off, the somehow open up and bleed a little, and so we put them all back on. This week I decided it was time to try it out and see what happens! She has been so scared of the bandages that every time I go to change her or put her in a bath she is scared and upset that I will mess with the bandages. So we have taken them off and she is doing great! The small wounds are closed up, looking like small blisters (ewww, sorry if that is gross!) and she isn't itching her chest at all. It's so nice to have a baby without any bandages wrapped around her body! She is so happy and had her first FUN bath time yesterday in the first time in 5 weeks! We are definitely on the road to recovery and actually LOOKING FORWARD to our appointment on Monday with doctors and the professor as Kieren is doing so well. Praise God!

Lots of love,

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Anonymous said...

hip hip hooraaaayyy!! so happy for your continued climb out of this valley. so stoked to see you all in a matter of weeks...