Monday, June 21, 2010

Kieren Update


Just wanted to update everyone on Kieren. Since we had our car break-in on Saturday night, our car is a bit 'under the weather' and we haven't gotten the window replaced. Well we do have a 'window,' if by window you mean black plastic bag taped to car... So I just decided not to make the 45 minute trek to Red Cross hospital in the rain and called them later. I spoke to the head nurse saying I couldn't come today because of my car, but asked when I should come back. She confirmed my hopes saying that the Professor, who is the head of the burn ward, wasn't going to be in all week and so I should just come back next Monday, since I know how to do wound dressings myself for Kieren.


Something just changed in me this weekend and I somehow found it emotionally impossible to go to the hospital this week. I am just tired. Done. No more please. So not sure if Kieren will still need a skin graft, and now that decision will be made a week from today by the Professor. BUT, my hope and PRAYER is that this week of rest for us ALL will just help Kieren to fully heal and we will be golden by next week. She is just so happy again and God has certainly lifted my spirits as well, I just feel like it's time for a break. Time to enjoy. Time to just rest.

It feels good.

Keep us in your prayers - but God is at work around here. We can feel it!


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Anonymous said...

love this post. felt like i was listening to you talk. so glad kieren is happy again and so glad you didn't have to drive to the hospital with a loud plastic window.