Monday, June 28, 2010

GREAT Doctor Report!

Hello everyone!

Well, as have shared, I took it upon myself to make a family decision and last week didn't go to ANY doctors, wound checks, or light therapy. By Wednesday I took of Kieren's chest bandages and they have remained off ever since. She hasn't been very itchy, and there is only one, small scab remaining. But I have been looking with uneasiness to today, knowing that it would be time to head back to Red Cross Children's hospital for an appointment with the 'Professor' who is head of the burn ward. Casey had a planned Ubuntu clinic this morning in Ocean View, so it was up to me to take Kieren by myself again. I don't know why I was dreading it to much, but the mix of the hour drive there and again back, the hot burn ward, not-nice nurses, and the reality of WHO KNOWS what they were going to decide to do next about Kieren's burn wound was really looming in my heart. We got up normal time this morning, had breakfast, and made our way through Cape Town to the hospital.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by two of the therapist who work with wound after-care and they were SO pleased to see Kieren's progress! Then the Professor was ready right away to examine Kieren and was also very encouraged by how far she has come. While he was in the room one of the therapists said, 'it obviously was a great thing that the hospital didn't have electricity that day!' I couldn't agree more at this point! When that fateful Friday happened, and we waited and were postponed for surgery I was so discouraged and confused I didn't know what I wanted or where God was in the midst of it all. But Kieren is ready for the next phase of her recovery - scar treatment! What a great day! We made a plan for Thursday where I will return to the hospital, to another ward, and have Kieren fitted for a pressure vest that will help the inflammation and skin to come down to normal. She will wear her personal vest under clothes day and night for a while, but it should really help the scarring. We will also apply a collagen treatment daily to help the cells continue to regenerate (can I borrow??). So we are coming back to the States with a happy baby and family and so excited about Kieren's healing!

WOOO HOOO! Praise God! What a journey - and still much more ahead, but the worst is definitely behind us and we are VERY thankful!

Lots of love,


Tim Palmer said...

great news!

Jennifer said...

That is great news!!!

Carolina said...

Yay SARAH!! What great news! Praise the Lord for His perfect hand over everything!

I love you!

Mi said...

wow! great news! God is good!