Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Whew, things are pretty crazy right now! It's our last week in Ocean View before coming back to the States for an 8-week visit and there is so much we are working on right now! There are always so many 'loose ends' before you go on a trip and so we are trying to get done as much as possible and see so many friends. We had our last Women's Support Group meeting on Monday night and combined with a birthday celebration for our Granny Jacoba, who celebrated her birthday this past weekend. She is such a special person and it's really fun to love on her! As a present, Casey and I bought her a double bed (on which is the of South Africa) and she was SO excited! She had a twin bed that was really old and had a major dip in the middle so it was time to take care of her hurting back. It's so fun to bless people you love. Other than that we have been working on insurance stuff from Casey's knee surgery, paying bills from Kieren's hospital stay and doctor appointments, working on talks and videos, and just hanging with people. Oh, and watching a LOT of World Cup games still. This tournament is sucking my life away, but I can't help but keep getting caught up in it! It's so fun! I have even pulled down summer clothes and we are in the midst of packing up in the guest room. This week is flying by! We are very excited to look back at the past eight months and see all God has done here. When we were planning this trip, I knew we needed a long time in the US because I would also be speaking at camps and we would be traveling. HOWEVER, now eight weeks seems SO LONG to be gone from Ocean View and I am going to miss it here so much! But once I think about laying by the pool in the warm sun and the blessedness of an air-conditioned Target, I find my excitement for Raleigh again :)

Good things NOW and great things ahead!

Lots of love,

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