Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Update


I updated some great pics and videos from our wonderful weekend, but thought I would also give a quick update about Kieren too! She has made some great steps as of Monday, which was so nice to see. Saturday was a harder day for her, and she was very overwhelmed at my 30th birthday party, which was hard. But she just went to bed early and we had a great time! Somehow we didn't take even ONE picture, but we did have 50 of our favorite people packed in our little house to celebrate. We had TONS of food thanks to some Ocean View friends and had a great time together. I felt very loved and it was just special to be with people that have become such an important part of our lives here. Sunday was a much better day, as we started out with taking Kieren to church and had a wonderful morning with our church family there. Everyone was so happy to see Kieren with her face bandages off and they cried along with me as I shared a testimony of the events of the past two weeks. They are a special group of people and God continues to bind us closer and closer. We rested for most of the day, just hanging around with our little friends playing soccer and watching soccer on tv. Then in the evening we took Kieren to Hillsong Church and she went back to Kids' Church for the first time! The children's ministry has been SO supportive with cards and prayers and love through this journey and they were so excited to have her back. She has been very timid, fearful, and clingy over the past two weeks, and cried when I passed her to others in the nursery, but did GREAT all evening with them! It was such a PRAISE! Church was wonderful, but the best part was that afterwards we had SO MANY people celebrating how great Kieren looked and how much she has healed. It meant so much to have them all share in the joy of what God has done and was even a great reminder to us. Wow, they are really wonderful. Then we went to dinner with a big group of people and Kieren played and ate the whole night. She is definitely turning a corner and we are daily seeing more of our little sweet girl.

Looking forward to a great week!
Lots of love,

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