Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Update

Hello friends and family!

This Monday update is being written on Monday afternoon, as I have finally gotten to have some time on my computer just now! This morning I did an early morning gym visit with Kieren and then had a time of training for the support group leaders in Ocean View. We are spending time teaching them again the basics of being a support group facilitator and how to have a healthy group dynamic. This was our last of four trainings, and I think it's been a great time of growth for these leaders. They have a GREAT challenge ahead of them, as many of the people they lead in their groups have HIV or other health problems, and their lives are harsh and lonely realities. They have become hardened because of their pain and only know how to lash out and protect themselves. What these men and women are experiencing and learning in these support groups is PROFOUND and I truly beleive it's life-changing - just to love and trust other people and to BE LOVED. It's so awesome - I love these leaders and friends!

I also made a big trip to the grocerty store this afternoon as I'm trying to make just one big trip a week rather than going EVERY day (which ends up happenening WAY too much). There are a few reasons for this. One, we are NOT in America, so sizes of things you buy - like bags of chips for instance - are not MEGA FAT-SO size, but regular person size. So you just have to buy more. Our kitchen and fridge are smaller, so we can only have so much at our house. Also, since we live at 'Grand Central Station' we never know who is going to come by for meals or snacks. HOWEVER, since I have a new love of cooking, I'm trying to plan meals for the week and buy all the stuff on Monday. It's fun - who knew being domesticated could look so good on me?? This week we are having chicken pies (they LOVE pies here, kind of like chicken-pot-pie), taco salad, and a chicken and veggie soup. We have a salad meal at least once a week - I LOVE salad. I am going to make soup for the FIRST time, I have always been intimidated, but the depressing and FREEZING weather here has inspired me. Ohhh, I will have to go back to the store to buy some crusty bread for soup night.... yum.

Oh, so our weekend? It was random and really busy as usual. It is just a certainty that our weekends are packed full of ministry and time with friends. I think we have totally embraced it and really enjoy it! We played ultimate frisbee with some kids from Ocean View, had friends Shagmie and Lauren over for lunch, had other friends Nathan and Mandy and daughter Zephanie for dinner (and they cooked - YES!), hung with Kier Kiers a bunch, went on a great run (seperately but both with kids - hah! they will go anywhere with us!!), went to Hillsong Church last night and dinner with Jenks, and then I preached yesterday morning at Ocean View Methodist. Whew! There was surely other stuff too, but those were just some bites of it. We love our weekends so much! Hillsong was awesome and SO encouraging last night. And preaching at OV went great yesterday - God really spoke through me and gave me a great word for my congregation. I will post notes soon!

Well time to get ready for the girls bible study I lead - young girls who hang out here are SO excited about 'bible class' as they call it. I got them journals today so they can take notes and Hillsong is going to give us Bibles soon to give them. Incredible!

Lots of love,


missjulierae said...

If you really want to get domestic, start reading The Pioneer Woman's blog. I want to make almost everything she posts. (And there are some good soups on there too!)

Billy & Megan said...

love getting your updates on here! i used to keep journals for my younglife girls at my apartment & have a journalling time at the end of our bible study for them to journal/write letters to God/prayers/etc. they LOVED it & i think it introduced them to a great life-long habit (i later gave them the journals, of course) :)