Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lately I feel like I am just trying to soak up the great moments. So often we focus on the bigger events, the due dates, checking off the lists, and just getting through. I realize that it's the small moments, the times that often pass by without notice, that we end up missing at the end. Like tonight, we finally got a night just alone the three of us to be at home. Casey took Kieren across the street to the 'flats' (the low-income apartments) to watch some kids play soccer. I made a random egg casserole dinner and we all got to sit down together to eat. But no sooner had we sat down then we began to hear music coming from our church next door as the band was having worship practice. Kieren immediately began to dance and then looked at me, whined, and put her hands out to tell me to take her out so she could go over there. I told her no, and that we had to eat, and she frowned and then began to eat and babble. She did this a couple times during the meal - and she just LOVES being at the church during worship practice! On Sunday mornings when they start worship (usually 10 minutes early!!) she runs to the front door and shakes the bars until we go over there with her. This baby loves music, singing, and dancing!

Another great part of our lives here is our relationship with our 'Granny' Jacoba. She is here almost every day to watch Kieren, but has become a part of our ministry and even our family. She is a treasure to us, we talk about her all the time, and truly just cherish her in our lives. She adores Kieren and the feeling is mutual. She is a HUGE part of the women's ministry I am doing and has even become a part of our church - although also still very faithful to her Baptist church. I look forward to hearing her greeting in the mornings!

Those are just a couple of the little things, but each day is made up of so many people that we love and feel privileged to minister to and with. Our lives are becoming more and more bound up with those here and I love it. It's home. Raleigh is also home, but this is too now. We have created a BIG problem :)

Lots of love,

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sarah kelly hurst said...

oh how i love reading your blog and getting updates on your lives and whats going on in oceanview! i miss all 3 of you dearly and think of you still EVERY SINGLE DAY! its so exciting to read about all of the wonderful things that are happening for you and casey. having so many schools involved with ubuntu and the women's groups and rallies that have been such a great success for you. and im super jealous about the hillsong conference that all of the women of oceanview were able to be a part of...and i wish i was there to spend time with kieren :) jeremy and i really miss south africa and yall are a huge part of that. hopefully we can plan a trip to at least come visit sometime in the somewhat near future...but you will be home very soon! i know that you will have thousands of things going on but if you do have a minute we'd love to spend time with yall. we can go to raleigh or meet you here in charlotte or maybe even follow you to a camp you'll be preaching at and witness your mad skills, firsthand!

i miss you and love you. all 3 of you!