Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lots to Learn

Hey there people!

Whew, it's definitely been a BUSY week so far, and I feel like much of what has happened I can't even remember. The reason is that we have been hearing from an incredible speaker who has been here visiting Hillsong, Cape Town. His name is Sy Rogers and you can check out some info on him at his great website: I have actually been privileged to hear him ago (which I suspected but confirmed in speaking to him personally today) as he came to a 'revival' during my time in school at Palm Beach Atlantic College (still a way cool school, check it out here). Sy has an incredible life testimony that precedes his speaking, as he lived a gay lifestyle until becoming a Christian 31 years ago. For now 30 years he has been serving in ministry but focuses his work on sexual issues. This a topic that is EVERYWHERE in our culture and rarely spoken about in church, and so over 1000 people paid and showed up last night and tonight to see Sy speak about sex and God's thoughts on the subject.

We also went to hear from Sy at a pastor and leaders seminar this morning and my mind is FULL of info and ideas. Seriously, this guy is an incredible teacher and speaks on sin, sex, and overcoming with Christ's power with a clarity that I have never heard. Check out some of his quotes or you tube videos! We are thankful for a great church to be worshipping at - Hillsong has done something incredible once again!

Lots of love,

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Amy said...

I've heard him speak a couple of times too (although not at PBA). Had lunch with him once too. Incredible guy.