Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share some of the pictures from my wonderful event this weekend! Four times a year, Hillsong Church hosts a women's event called the 'Sisterhood.' I had heard about it for a while, but was unsure of what it was and honestly a bit skeptical of these kinds of 'women's gatherings, but I couldn't stay away because of the enthusiasm of the Hillsong women! Furthermore, my new friend Chantel Norman, who is a pastor at Hillsong and spoke at the Ocean View women's rally, wanted to invite the OCEAN VIEW women to the next Hillsong event. I hadn't even thought of that idea! Furthermore, she thought that Hillsong might be able to charter a BUS for us to come! In just a week's time, all the details were worked out and we had a bus coming to take us to the event. Coordinating the day was a bit tricky, but somehow God perfectly worked out all the details. There were 85 people that rode the bus (YES that is a LOT of people, and somehow we all had seats!), and then five people followed behind in a car. Hillsong was incredible in the coordination of the event, as we had a 'host' who met us as soon as our bus got to the Cape Town International Convention Center. They helped us check in the children for children's church, find our way upstairs to the event, navigated us through the lines and helped us to get tea and cupcakes, then waiting until after the event, helped us back to the bus and passed out boxed lunches to each person. Our 'host,' Jo-Ann, even texted me afterwards to remind me to share the names of women they could be praying for that were especially touched by the event. We were all just blown away! The service itself was full of laughter, love, praise of God, and great teaching. Sy Rogers, who had been teaching all week at Hillsong was our speaker and shared about 10 women who had influenced his life and gave principles encouraging us to also be defining women. All in all, it was a very blessed and abundant day, and EVERY person I have spoken with afterwards was so thankful for the experience. Again, I LOVE this church and am so thankful for their partnership in the ministry we are doing in Ocean View! What a GREAT day!

Lots of love,

Women I love! Cindy James, Kaylee, Charmaine James, and Stacy James. The James' family are all a part of our Methodist church and they are amazing!

Sarah with one of my great Methodist leaders, Danielle

The 'Sisterhood' in action and my friend, Chantel Norman leading worship

Our 'gift' from the Sisterhood, bags of tea to use to share and fellowship with other ladies

Women excited after enjoying the Sisterhood

Coming home on our lovely bus - thanks SO much Hillsong!

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