Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Saturday

Hello friends and family!

It's Saturday morning and I am enjoying a quiet time alone in the house - WOW, this NEVER happens! Casey has taken Kieren to the hospital to have her wounds dressed again and check in with the doctor. Things are looking good with doctor and daily we are seeing improvements for Kieren. Her face is no longer bandaged and they have even washed her hair when they change and clean her dressings! The burns on her face are healing and she is gaining more pigment and color in her cheeks again. The burns on her chest are still not healed and we are continuing our prayers for their healing. The daily improvement is soothing and encouraging and it seems for all of us that normal life is happening more and more. We do notice that Kieren is more timid and fearful then she was before, which is hard to see. I think she just is traumatized from the accident, not around hot water or in the kitchen, but just overall in her life. She is very clingy to Casey and I, but also in that we see growth daily.

On Friday night we were able to celebrate the wedding of our great friends here Kate Newman and Mark Chittendon. Kate came to South Africa a couple years ago from Chicago to work with Living Hope and Mark is from Zimbabwe and here doing visual arts. They are a wonderful couple and I have grown close with Kate. We had a BLAST yesterday at their gorgeous and chic wedding in the center of Cape Town and then reception in a local place called 'The Foodbarn' with all our friends. What a great way to have a good time together!

Looking forward to a great weekend ahead!
Lots of love,

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