Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Review: Forgotten God

I received "Forgotten God: Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit" by Francis Chan in a care package a few months back. I was a huge fan of "Crazy Love" so I was really excited to read Chan's new offering.
It didn't disappoint and actually came on the heels of many things we had been discovering lately. Sarah and I have been doing a lot of discovery about the Holy Spirit and his involvement in our lives. We are realizing that we need Him more and more if we are going to be effective in the environment that we have been called. There is just too much against us to try and do it alone. I even wrote on my 2010 goals, "getting more in touch with the power of the Spirit." So, in lots of ways this book put words to lots of things that we have been dealing with and thinking through.
It really is a great look into an area that most Christians are missing out on. They are missing the power of the Spirit in their life and thus are living a really lessened experience with God. If we will allow the power and activity of the Spirit we will see amazing thing happen in and around us. We are starting to see that more and more in our walks with God.
I really want you guys to pick this book up. I know that I'm going to read it again in a few months because it deserves review. It's not long, and easy to read, I know you'll love it.
Overall Grade: A- (It's harsh to add the minus, but comparing it to Crazy Love has to drop it down one notch.)


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kusloan said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!! It might be happy late birthday depending on what time it is there.. We miss you all and pray that Kieren continues to get better!
Kara, Tim, Hannah, Henry, and Ward