Monday, May 3, 2010

13 Years Ago

13 years ago I was attending my Senior Prom. It was May 3rd. I had a great date, went with my best friends, and we really went all out. But at the same time my Mom was finally taking her last breath. We had our catered dinner at the Stonebridge clubhouse, took some pics, went to the dance where I was voted Prom King (I know, what a stud), went back from desert, ended up at some park, back to the Cash's for 'breakfast', and then I headed home around 4am. Some where between pictures and the dance, my Mom went to be with Jesus. When I got home that night/morning my sisters burst from the bedrooms and I knew that it had finally happened. My mom lost her 2 year long battle with cancer. It was inevitable, but you never want it to happen.
It's interesting knowing how many of the people that support us so much and follow our lives here on this blog don't know my Mom. You don't know her spunk or her sass. You don't understand the sacrifices that she made for me and my sisters. You don't know about the deep and special friendship that we have. You just didn't have the chance.
It's just so amazing all the things that she (and my Dad) has missed over the last 13 years. My high school graduation. The start of college soccer which she would have been so proud of. The injuries that would have freaked her out. The girlfriends that would have driven her crazy. The special girl from Florida that had stolen her son's heart. My college graduation that would have made her even more proud. My (very) brief professional soccer experience. My special wedding to that little Mexican woman that would be my partner and best friend. She missed all the years of ministry at Grace. And then she missed the birth of the most amazing and adorable little girl. My mom loved her grandchildren in a way that would make her youngest son (ME) jealous. I would have loved to have seen her with Kieren. And, finally, she missed our move to Africa. I often try to figure out what they would have thought about all of this.
Yesterday's message at Hillsong was about miracles. Jon, the pastor preaching, has declared that May is miracle month. I was joking a tad with Sarah later that maybe for my "May miracle" that my Mom would be raised from the dead. Sarah responded, perfectly, that she was pretty sure my Mom wouldn't want that to happen. She's been hanging out with, dancing with, and worshipping Jesus for 13 years now. Though Kieren is really cute, and our lives here are really amazing, they don't compare at all with what she's experiencing now in Heaven. It just reminds you how much better our lives will be in the world beyond than they are now.
So, I miss her! That's for sure. But I praise Jesus that she's with Him and enjoying the splendor of Heaven.



cashmoney said...

what a wonderful post. we miss you guys and are praying for you!

Daria said...

What a loving post about your mom. I hope you know she is with you and your family every day. Hope you are all doing well. :)

Jim said...

I'm reading a book about heaven and the different perspectives the religions of the world have about it. My take away is that what it comes down to is what we believe and I believe your Mom has enjoyed every minute of your life from the best seat in the house and I am sure she is proud of her son, his family and all he has become. And yes, she would love Kieren and Sarah deeply.

Musings of a Housewife said...

This post totally got me. (I'm here from Sarah's comment on my blog.) And she's absolutely right, of course, but it breaks my heart to think of not having your mom through all of those milestones. She sounds like an incredible woman. :-)

Emily said...

I remember that time 13 years ago....praise the Lord she is with Him now!