Thursday, April 22, 2010

Such a sweet moment.

Last week we got this note from Reagan, one of the boys we spend a lot of time with. The funny thing was that he didn't give it to us. Apparently, he had written it in his school notebook, but was too embarrassed or shy to give it to us. Well, his sister, Meagan (it's okay to laugh), knew about it, stole it out of his notebook and gave it to us! It was so sweet!!

Here is basically what he is trying to say, despite the spelling and grammar:
Sarah, I just want to thank you for all that you do for us and I just want to say thank you that you teach me how to be careful that I don't need to fight with kids that are smaller than me and I hope God will will help me to show you how good I can do. I hope I will let you see me everyday in church and in Sunday School. And I just want to tell Casey thank you that he encourages me to go to Teen Club (at Living Hope).
To Sarah and Casey
(and the picture at the bottom is supposed to be me!)

Isn't that amazing that he just wrote that all on his own!?! I love it!


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Blair said...

I love this!! What a sweet testament to ALL that you are both doing!! God is Amazing!!!