Friday, April 9, 2010

Is It Friday Already??

Hello friends and family!

We have been bad about blog updates this week - sorry! It has been busy as usual, but actually for me things have slowed down a bit and I have taken full advantage of it! I even went to the beach by myself for an hour yesterday on a beautiful and clear 80 degree fall day! As all our friends in North Carolina are lamenting about the yellow overtake of pollen, we are experiencing fall here in South Africa. It is getting chillier - which I do not like - summer is my FAVORITE time of the year. Some days though, it's cooler and beautiful and refreshing. Things are changing - as is life! This week we kicked off the women's support groups on Monday and Tuesday nights. I helped lead the Monday night group with my friend, Denille, from the Methodist church. In the first minutes of the group I was so quickly reminded how much I LOVE small groups! It was a great group of women, and in particular, one woman that I invited really warmed my heart. I have been counseling and working with a woman who lives near me named Maggie, and I went to her house Monday afternoon and during our visit invited her to the group. I was actually shocked when she showed up! She opened up to the women and shared about her separation with her husband and fight for getting her daughter back, who was taken away because of past neglect and drug abuse. She is really trying to get her life back on track and could really benefit from women coming around her. I visited again on Wednesday and sighed and say, "I really enjoyed the time with the group on Monday." Wow. Her face said more than her words even, and I could tell she felt accepted and love. This is what it is all about. Thursday night I held a women's ministry meeting with women from different churches in Ocean View, and we had a time of devotion, bible study, discussion, and prayer. It was very rich and is quickly becoming one of my favorite ministry places I serve. I LOVE THESE WOMEN!! Then we had a time of planning for our rapidly approaching second Women's Rally on Saturday, April 17th. It is going to be exciting! Please pray for me as we prepare and especially that God would draw women to this event. We are excited because a new friend of mine, one of the pastors from Hillsong Church, Chantel Norman, is coming to speak, tell her testimony of her own abuse and freedom, and sing for us (she leads the worship ministry at Hillsong). Wow. It's going to be awesome, I can feel it.

Today, Casey and I are at the gym, going for a lunch date, and then getting some work done out before we jump into the weekend. I love these days that are quiet and productive and lots of time with Casey!

Lots of love to everyone!