Monday, April 5, 2010

Beautiful Holiday Weekend

Here is something interesting about South Africa. They evidently love the Easter holiday around here because they make it a four-day weekend. The kids are out of school for two weeks for 'Easter holiday' and everyone has off work on Good Friday (and the shops are ALL closed - even the grocery store!). Most people also have off today, which they call 'Easter Monday.' We have had endless kids this weekend tell us that Easter is really today, Monday, and they are ready to fight about it they are so sure. Hilarious.

We have had a wonderful weekend here. Friday we had a 'Good Friday' service at Ocean View Methodist in the morning and I helped with another church service at Simon's Town Methodist church in the afternoon. On Saturday we hung low and relaxed - I was in my pajamas until 4pm! Then we went to a friends house to watch some rugby and have pizza with a small group. Sunday was a wonderful day, as we woke up to celebrate Easter and all Jesus Christ has done for us with our church Ocean View Methodist. Afterwards we had a big breakfast here at our house with some kids and friends from Ocean View. Then we went to visit our dear friends Evan and Kerryn Torrance and their son Cameron and had lunch with them. Next we went into Cape Town and met up with our NYC friends who were a part of the soccer camp we worked at during the week, as they were hanging in town for their last night. Afterwards we went to Noordhoek to have Easter dinner with a big group of friends. One couple planned this huge competition with events like speed scrabble and rifle shooting (it was just an air gun... I think... but I was really good at it...). It was an incredible dinner and everyone left way overstuffed. Kieren was SUCH a champ with only two short naps all day and being dragged all over town! It was a very special day to celebrate all Jesus Christ has done for us, and the lovely people God has brought into our lives here.

We have both jumped into a busy week already (even though it's a holiday for everyone else around here!). We hope you had a blessed holiday weekend!

Lots of love!

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