Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A great night!

I have recently joined a pastor fraternal (first frat I've been in) called "The Fellowship of Good Hope." I know, I don't really qualify since I'm not a pastor, but I figured ministry is ministry whether it's with a ball or a podium. I had been meeting with a few of the pastors in the group and they kept inviting me so I went for it. I know that I need to have other men in my life, and it sounded like a great group. They meet every week on (now) Thursday mornings. They pray together, have a devotional, and work on some projects that they are sharing. Right now that's obviously a focus on the World Cup. I really enjoy being with them and the diversity makes it so interesting. It originally started off as a group of pastors from Ocean View, but it has grown and spread. There are 4 pastors from OV (not including me). One at the Baptist church, one at Revival Ministries, a Zimbabwean guy leading OV Christian Church, and a new member at another church. There are a couple of guys from Masi, the black township. A white guy from the surf village down the road called Kommetjie. A young white pastor (only 26) from Simon's Town Baptist. And 3 guys from a church in Fish Hoek called Connections, one is black and the other two white. Oh, and another American missionary is set to join us. So, we are different racially, denominationally, theologically, generationally, but we all love God and believe that we need each other!
Last night we had a dinner where we brought our spouses. We all brought something to share (thankfully we had dessert) and our wives were served all night by us. The food was delicious, but the time together was even better. We got to know each other better, laughed at each other, and prayed a bit. It was such a pleasure and such a treat to be starting to connect with this group of men. Some of these churches will be our sponsoring churches for Ubuntu and some want to be but don't have the right people. But that is not the purpose for me. It's to have great men in my life that can strengthen, sharpen, and challenge me. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same for them. It's been 3 weeks now, and I'm excited to see what's to come!!
This is just another example of how God has really blessed us with an abundance of amazing relationships. He is so faithful!

Check out the Ubuntu update on that blog, have some exciting news!


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