Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Book Review by Sarah

“You Should Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy” by David Sedaris

This book is laugh-out-loud funny and made me so happy in so many ways. David Sedaris is an author who was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, and his stories come out of his life, many of them from his childhood. To add to my enjoyment, his father, Lou Sedaris, was a part of our 'spinning' group at the gym who took cycle classes and also had lunches and get-togethers. This was my second Sedaris book (check out “Me Talk Pretty One Day”), and in some ways I liked it more than the first. It had the expected sarcasm and colorful storytelling that I hoped to find, but gave an added element of heart towards his family members and himself. I found myself smiling and being touched at the end of every chapter, and then quickly moving ahead to enjoy the next episode in the hilarity that is David Sedaris' life. It is certainly an off-coloured and crude piece of work, but if you can handle it, get ready to enjoy yourself and even see a piece of your own family.

Grade: A


Kerry said...

i also had the pleasure of meeting david sedaris' dad lou when sarah and i were non-pregnant and able to enjoy a lovely afternoon at a local raleigh brewery!

one of my favorite stories was the one about funny. and also of course the story about him and his OCD behaviors (i think it's this book) - licking switchplates? maybe not. all of david sedaris' awesome runs together for me.

missjulierae said...

Sarah - this is one my favorite books and David Sedaris is my favorite author. Personally, Me talk Pretty was my favorite, but this one is excellent too. I've read all his books and they are great. I can't believe you met his dad! I always felt a connection to him since they are from Raleigh, and since they were relocated from NY by IBM just like Jason's family. Love the review!