Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ministry with Mom

Today was a special day because I was privileged to do ministry with my Mom while she is here in South Africa visiting. I have met a new non-profit called 'Sisters for Sisters' and they form support groups for women suffering domestic violence. The groups are mostly near the city of Cape Town (we are the 'southern peninsula') so there aren't any near my area, but the women are incredible and I have been so inspired by them. In meeting with them I began to brainstorm that my mom might be a great person to lead some training for the leaders and clients of the group. SO my mom and I worked with Eunice, who heads up S4S and we came up with a day of training for the leaders and then an interactive workshop for any group members who are in town at this time. It was such an incredible day, and if I could sum it up, I would say I was 'in awe' of my mom and her incredible ability to meet these women exactly where they were, teach them, and love them deeply. it was extraordinary. We had a leaders training, then other group members arrived and we served lunch as we led into a workshop with the others where they shared and learned a great deal. They were open and excited to be learning so much, just like sponges. It is obviously heavy stuff we are talking about when speaking on domestic violence, but these are brave women working through towards freedom in varying stages. i am looking forward to working with these women more and learning from them in 2010. What a GIFT to do ministry with my Mom and watch her in action - she is a rock star!


My Mom, Alicia, in her 'element,' teaching

Training with the Sisters For Sisters leaders

Me with the leaders; Evelyn, Eunice, and Patience

Mom working with the women in the workshop, teaching and facilitating discussion


kathy said...

Now this is so totally cool. Love it love it, love it.!

Kerry said...

I agree - this IS so cool! in a million ways. and your mom IS pretty great that she could use her skills and gifts in the short time she was with you. maybe she'll catch the south africa bug! :)