Friday, December 4, 2009

Up in the Clouds and On the Ground

Hello friends and family,

A quick update for you today, I am in the second full day of this conference at UCT called 'Beyond Reconciliation.' It is an incredible meeting of scholars, teachers, and practitioners. I am FILLED with information, stories, and new heroes whom I deeply admire. After the first full day, I came home Thursday night completely exhausted and I could barely function! I am meeting incredible people and am prayerful about how this time of learning and enlightenment will lead to my next steps - but at the present I am not sure! For now, I am 'up in the clouds' in almost euphoria and the excitement of all I am taking in.

Down 'on the ground,' I would like to ask for your prayers, as Kieren has a bad stomach bug and isn't able to keep anything from running from one end of her body to the other. She was in a good mood yesterday, but over the night and today she is in obvious discomfort and even pain because of her stomach. We have gotten some medicine from the pharmacy and hope she will be on the path to healing and rest soon. Poor baby - please pray for her!

Lots of love,